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Quest: to combine images from my autobiographical reality with those from videogames

A few elderly people may still consider videogames as child’s play or a sorry waste of time, but anno 2022 games are by far the largest form of entertainment, enjoyed by more than 3 billion humans around the world.


Just like millions of other videogame players, I draw my aesthetic experiences not only from reality or man-made images in art, photographs and video, but also from games. Therefore, the reference images in my brain are not solely based on my experiences in reality, but also on the many deep experiences I’ve lived through in videogames.


But where are all those striking, immediately recognizable and emotive images from videogames in contemporary art?


To pay tribute to the many beautiful and meaningful things videogames added to my life and trying to create awareness about the place I think they deserve in art, I decided to combine images from videogames with images from my own, autobiographical reality, thus creating new images.


My primary digital reference for the start of this venture was Pokémon Go, a game that does exactly what I envisioned for this series of art: adding videogame images to reality. To reference my reality, I looked close to home: my hometown Assen, the beautiful scenery surrounding this city, myself, and Julius, one of my four sons. Given the activating nature of Pokémon as a phenomenon, I decided to form and title each painting as a mission statement.


With this, my quest of finding and combining images from videogames and my personal life had begun. Next is Zelda.


The painter:

Jurjen Tiersma